Time to leave PEI

It was time to leave the island.  Here are some of our pictures as we are leaving.  You can go on the island for free but you have to pay to get off.  Interesting but it was worth it.  $60.00 for the RV and car.20140905_120916-1

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20140905_124952-1 20140905_122123-1

20140905_121129-1 20140905_121600-1 20140905_122728 20140902_153624-1-1



I love seeing these.


Everything has English and French on it.
Never heard of this one.
It is not Nabisco here, it is Christie
The packaging stands up instead of stacking on top of the other.

One thought on “Time to leave PEI

  1. Envy you – we’re in the throes of packing/moving. It’s absolutely the worse thing I’ve ever done. Next time we’ll buy an RV and won’t have all these problems. Can’t wait to see you.

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