Gingerbread Houses and Crab Legs….oh my

We have been wanting crab legs for awhile so we head to Benjamin’s Seafood.  All I ate were the crab legs.  I tried little bites of other things but didn’t care for any of it.  They had a gingerbread house competition and I was amazed at how good they were.  Some were done by professionals and others were done by the workers at the restaurants and I couldn’t tell the difference.  Here are some of them.

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20141222_204056~2 20141222_204103~2~2 20141222_204157~2 20141222_204217~2

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I didn’t get a picture of the crab legs.  They disappeared before I could take the picture.  Ate so many I couldn’t move.


One thought on “Gingerbread Houses and Crab Legs….oh my

  1. We both ate so much, that we had to help each other out of the restaurant, into our pj’s, and into bed. The RV started leaning over. Had to readjust the jacks.

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