Cruise to the Bahamas

Ralph decided to book a cruise to the Bahamas for February.  It didn’t turn out as expected but I have say that it is a beautiful place.


2015-02-13 14.43.38-1
Leaving Ft. Lauderdale
2015-02-13 18.33.51

2015-02-13 18.09.35

2015-02-14 12.18.49
The water is so amazing. No picture can do it justice. And that guy keeps getting in my pictures.
2015-02-16 13.16.46
I didn’t want to get up from this chair.
2015-02-15 16.43.11
Lucayan Market Place. You have to drink from a    coconut…it’s the law….not really.

2015-02-16 13.20.26

2015-02-15 10.26.26
Pool area at Island Seas Resort.  They did have great food.
2015-02-16 13.17.16
The water is beautiful.
2015-02-16 15.44.19
Ships docked in the Bahamas but it wasn’t crowded.


2015-02-15 08.33.28
Public Service Announcement on tv.
2015-02-15 08.36.56
Check out the next to the last suggestion.


2015-02-14 09.33.35
First of all, they drive on the wrong side of the road which is scary. Second, the bus driver is speeding and running off the sides of the road. Third, when we get off we notice a half bottle of wine sitting next to his seat.


2015-02-14 16.40.56
This is what was supposed to happen…but it didn’t.



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