Joining Thousand Trails…….

Let me preface this post by saying we would have signed up anyway….well maybe…

We decided to join Thousand Trails while we were in The Keys.  We were staying in a wonderful park, everything was just so nice, everyone was so friendly…so we bit the bullet and signed up.  When we were talking to the salesperson he was so friendly and everything was just soooo easyyyy…….

You will get all this and this and this and we will add in this and that, oh and don’t forget you will get a piece of this and all that with a dash of some thrown in.   All you have to do is call this 800 number and they will set up your reservation where ever you want to go.There is a satchel full of books, folders, and a contract ( which is so thick I thought we were buying a house).

Our first experience as new Thousand Trails members was a 2 week stay at Peace River in Wauchula, Florida.  When you get there you have to drive around and find a spot.  Most of the empty spots were so muddy you could not use them.  Looking back now it was like a comedy show where you have all these RV’s going up and down the roads playing musical chairs(or spots).  Your name will get put on the waiting list for the full hookups and you have to go up to the office each day at a certain time to see if your name is called.  We were pretty happy with our spot so we didn’t bother going up.  Most of the spots that are vacant do not have sewer due to flooding so they send around a truck to pump you out, that is, if you are on the list.  There is a 3 day wait so you need to get on the list fast.

Our stay at Peace River was the longest we had stayed at one place.  The best thing about staying there were the people we met.  We met  Frank the first day there and just bonded.  Frank was retired from the Sheriff’s Office in Florida so he and Ralph had a lot to talk about.  When Ralph went to church on Sunday he ran into a couple that were staying in the park.  The couple behind us were wonderful also.  There were several others and  I think we will be lifelong friends with all of them.  Would we stay at Peace River again?  Probably if we are ever in that area again.

We realize now that like everything else, not all parks are the same.  We have stayed 2 or 3 days in some parks and some have been great and some….well…not so great.  Ralph and I are learning as we go and it’s been a great ride so far.

Happy Travels!!


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