Spending a week with family and friends

When we left Florida we stopped at Oaks At Point South RV Resort in Yemassee, SC.  There was a small rainstorm but the water did not go anywhere.  We were afraid we may get stuck when we pulled out.  Luckily that didn’t happen…

This picture was taken through the window of the rv. It really didn’t rain that much but there was no drainage so the water just sat there.
It was so wet and soggy that Ralph put plastic bags on his feet to keep his flip flops dry while unhooking the rv.

We spent time with family and friends before heading back out.  We both got all our doctor’s appointments taken care of also.


20150425_141812 20150425_141905

A fox squirrel in my friends back yard.  I had never seen one before.  It looks like a mix between a squirrel and raccoon.

Getting his girlie on. He liked it and I have witnesses. Meghan and Nick were there.
A little daddy daughter time….HELLOOOOO. Comparing the latest technology.
A stop sign they don’t have to jump to touch it.
My grandbabies…aka…my little rascals.
Little rascals for sale. Notice the price of $7.99.
Boys will be boys…..
Doing some shopping while in Myrtle Beach.
My great niece Isabella aka….Ninja Warrior


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