On up through Michigan

Ralph and I are going to travel on up through Michigan and go into Canada for a day.  After that we will travel through the upper peninsula of Michigan and go through Wisconsin.  It was hard to find a place to stay in the interior of Michigan that was along the route we wanted to take.  There was one that we found but the reviews on google were bad…really bad.   We always check out reviews and google earth and try to do as much research as we can before we book anything.  The one we were checking out was called Enchanted Acres in Irons, Michigan.  I said ok for booking it but at the first sign of anything we are out of there.  We will stay there a few days to check out the Manistee area and then take Hwy 31 up into the upper peninsula.


My fears were a little unfounded.  We didn’t have any problems.  There were 4wheelers out and people coming in and out late at night but it was no problem for us.  They have a petting zoo area that has some cute animals but I only got 2 pictures.

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Manistee was a wonderful town with a water front walkway, nice parks and antique shops.  The S.S. City of Milwaukee is also docked there and you can tour it for a price.



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This area is considered Fifth Avenue Beach.  The water temperature was 62 degrees and the kids didn’t mind at all.  My feet made it into the water but after a minute they were numb.

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If you have the energy you can climb the hill. They say the view is nice up there but I wasn’t willing to find out.


The other park across the inlet is called Douglas Park.  It has great views of the light house and great places to relax and have a picnic.



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