Mackinaw City, Michigan

Everywhere we go I always seem to say that it is so pretty where we are so I’m going to say it again.  Such a pretty town.   The only thing I noticed is that every other store is a Fudge Shop or sells fudge.  The other stores were popcorn stores, well almost.  There was an awful lot of fudge and popcorn.   It was a perfect day and people were working in their yards and flowers everywhere, oh and fudge.


The first thing I’ll show you is a way to get out of town.  The ferry takes you to Mackinac Island.  We didn’t go because it’s expensive and I’m cheap.


There was a very clever geocache here and we actually found it.  Ok, so Ralph found it but I took the picture.  That should count for something.


I know your wondering how to pronounce the next sign.  My way of saying it is “My chili mack in ac”.   I believe the way to say it and not get laughed at is “Mishillimackinac” or laughed at anyway if you have a southern slang.  Someone said it was words put together but didn’t tell me which ones…just use your imagination.



20150616_152654~2 20150616_152828~2

20150616_145657~2 20150616_151129~2 Say Michilimackinac three times real fast….

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  1. Your phone takes BEAUTIFUL pictures, plus, I get to see the Country through your eyes. Thanks so much for all the wonderful photos. Have a wonderful 4th!

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