St. Ignace, Michigan and a Saint

We stayed at Kewadin Casino in St. Ignace Michigan.  The reviews state that nobody wins any money so I just went in and handed them my 10 bucks.  Just kidding but they did get my 10 bucks in the slots so either way they win.  I didn’t take a picture because it just looks like a small casino and since they allow smoking on the inside, we didn’t stay inside long.  Use your imagination.

The town is nice but the shoreline is beautiful.  Father Marquette worked hard in his short life.  We will run into his legacy again in another town.  The museum and learning about the Indian culture here was great.   They also have some of the oldest archeological sites in the country.   I had brain overload.




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Ralph couldn’t decide whether to be the Indian or the squaw.  I’m just not going to make a comment on either one.

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Take a wild guess as to what the next to pictures are of.  Notice the little black spots?  It was mosquito season there when we were there.  Now they weren’t that bad….at times but if the wind is not blowing you will have a hard time stepping out.  Had we known about mosquito weeks we might have altered our schedule.  When they say have lots of  bug spray on hand, well now you know why.

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  1. Ray is a member of the Knights of Columbus – he’s a 4th Degree.

    Too bad we still don’t live in houses like the Huron Longhouse, imagine how simple life would be.

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