McGulpin Point Lighthouse

McGulpin Point served as a critical aid to navigation on the Straits of Mackinac from 1869-1906. McGulpin Point was one of Michigan’s first deeded properties, and was important grounds for Odawa (Ottawa) Indians, French and British settlers in the Straits of Mackinac. It was an operational lighthouse from 1869-1906, when it became privately owned. Emmet County purchased the lighthouse and its acreage in 2008 and has worked to restore it to period décor.




Views from the top.  As most people know I’m a little afraid of heights but I took a brave pill, then I stepped out to take a picture and then I FROZE!  With a  little coercion I was able to step back in and not die.  I won’t do that again anytime soon.



Aren’t you glad I didn’t turn the light on to take a picture??   20150616_160620

Some of the pieces that they are using to restore the inside like it would have been back in the day.  How about a little music and some warmth?

20150616_160253~2 20150616_160258~2

They have a trail that leads out to the water.    This was my peaceful spot while Ralph was geocaching.  I think he was really lost in the woods but I thought if I waited long enough he’d find his way out and he did……eventually.


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  1. I, too, am DEATHLY afraid of any heights over 3-feet – always have been. You sure were brave! Love the house and especially the player piano (I remember “playing” with one in my grandparents house (many years ago).

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