Riding through Upper Michigan

Ralph and I left St. Ignace and traveled on Hwy 2, along the coast of Lake Michigan.  We stopped in Manistique for lunch at a roadside park.  They have a roadside park which was easy to maneuver the “house” into.  They have a great walking trail and plaques along the trail to learn some history of the area.  The city got it’s name from the Manistique River that flows in Lake Michigan.  It’s a great place to sit and watch small boats come and go.

Manistique  (4)

Manistique  (3)

Manistique  (1) Manistique  (2)

They have a nice harbor and lighthouse.




The Great Lakes had many shipwrecks in this area.   Many sad stories of men going out to provide a living for their families and never came home.  The name of this ship caught my eye because this is my maiden name.  Didn’t realize I took a selfie at the same time.

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  1. I so look forward to “my trip” across the country – thank you for taking “me with you and your many adventures.”

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