Marquette, Michigan

Marquette is the most populated city in the upper peninsula of Michigan.  In 2012, Marquette was listed among the 10 best places to retire in the US by CBS Money Watch.   Because Lake Superior rarely freezes over completely, this enables lake effect snow to persist throughout winter, making Marquette the third snowiest location in the contiguous United States as reported by the NOAA.  They have an average snow fall of  249.1 inches.  Anybody want to go try that for a winter or two?

Marquette is very pretty.  It has nice walking/bike trails all the way around the waterfront.  There are condos that have beautiful landscaping across the street but very expensive.

I told you earlier I would run into this guy later on, well here he is.  Jacques Marquette was quite the busy missionary.



When I first seen the picture below I was puzzled because I’d never seen anything like this before.  But with a little investigation I found out all I needed to know about iron ore.  Marquette continues to be a shipping port for hematite ores and, today, enriched iron ore pellets, from nearby mines and pelletizing plants.

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The ship is getting loaded with pelletized iron ore.  It seems like quite the production…and loud as the iron ore goes from the railroad car down a chute to the ship.


Many people have drowned trying to swim out to the rocks that are close to shore.  It looks easy but the current is very strong.  Different schools that come into town will go out and paint this rock with their school colors.


You can take a ferry out to Grand Island.  We chose to go up the mountain to a very nice overlook and take a picture.  Also did a little geocaching.


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  1. I was so impressed with the “covered bridge” tunnel that brings the iron ore through to the ships that I had to show it to Ray. He thought it was amazing!

    What a great experience you’re having!

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