Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin

Of course you can lay back in the chair without tipping over he says.  Trust me, just lay back.  Ok, here, I’ll show you how it’s done…I know…he says….  This is the result.  Now I say lay still until I climb up on the picnic table to take a picture….genius.


I finally got a campfire.  Can you see it?


Nice wood carving of an eagle.


Do you like crowds?  Do you like water slides?  Do you like t-shirts?  If so, then this is your place.   Not my cup of tea.

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2 thoughts on “Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin

  1. Well, that sure must have surprised Ralph when he fell over in his chair – glad you took a picture.

    NIce photos of the amusement park but, I’m with you, wouldn’t want to go there (I don’t like crowds), especially now days when you don’t know what nut might be there with a gun who just wants to shoot people!!

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