La Crosse, Wisconsin

Ralph and I decided to stay at the Moose Lodge in La Crosse over the 4th of July holiday just to stay away from the crowds.   I met 2 wonderful people there and hope to one day see them again.  One was Ken.  As soon as we met we just started talking and I forgot all about Ralph unhooking the RV.  When we walked out back for him to show me where to pull to, Ralph walked around the corner and we ended up still talking for awhile.  Every time I’d go in and he was there we would have great conversations on our lives, family, and sometimes just useless information.  The other was Adelaide.  She was 84 and worked there 3 days a week and danced the rest of the week.  She was very inspiring and I hope to be just like her when I grow up.

They also have the Mayo Clinic there and The Gundersen Group Hospital there.  Hospitals and Clinics everywhere.  Lots of adult living centers.  I said if I was ever going to fall apart, I would want to be in Lacrosse.

What we didn’t know is that La Crosse puts on a festival and amazing fireworks display.  We went to the festival and it was nice.  Later on we went down to see the fireworks.  When we pull in we see a few people on the top of a parking deck and thought that would be a great place to watch.  It was a great view.  You could see fireworks going off up and down the Mississippi River.  Ken warned me about the May Flies but I said surely it’s not that bad.  It wasn’t bad where we were but they were saying they had to use shovels to shovel them up at the waterfront.  I’m glad we chose the parking deck.  I did get a picture of them flying around a light post.


The May Flies only live a day or so.  They were all over the ground in places and they would crunch when you had to walk over them.  Nobody seemed to mind.


Getting a little Geocaching in before the fireworks.


Getting their spots ready.  You had to wait until the morning of the fireworks to put out your blanket or chair.  Most of them were empty.  I don’t’ know if I like that.



The bridge that connects Wisconsin with Minnesota.

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I had no idea that a barge could carry so much stuff.




Ken told us about Granddad Bluff so we had to have a look.  A park shelter in a fenced-off area atop the bluff provides visitors with a view of La Crosse.  It was getting cloudy but the views were still nice and the sun was trying to peek out.



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  1. Wow, Ralph’s 4th of July shirt looks nearly as big as the state of Wisconsin (my mother’s birth state)!

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