If I could ask one thing from everyone I know.

If I could ask one thing from everyone I know, I would ask that you have a will.  Write down everything that you want to happen with your things even the small things.

We never really know when our last day on earth will be.  Wouldn’t it be nice to know that when that day comes that your family and the ones you love can come together and celebrate your life without wondering who will be the first to quarrel over your things?  You may say that would never happen, that my loved ones will do the right thing because they know what I want, we talked about it 5 years ago.  I’m here to tell you they won’t and why take the chance.  People change personalities when money or possessions are involved, now some people are just mean and I’m not talking about those people.  I have personally seen this happen.

If there had been a will things would have been so much simpler.  Well, you may say I don’t have anything of value to put in a will.  That may be true but you may have a special piece of jewelry, special memory photos or even kitchen tools that you want a particular person to have.  How will anyone know if you don’t write it down?  Just write it in your own hand writing and have it notarized and tell some people where it is if something should happen to you.

Don’t take the chance of someone will “do the right thing”.

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  1. Thanks for the reminder. I have a Will and a Durable Power of Attorney, both my kids have copies. But during a conversation with my son recently, I told him about a few things I want done when I die, and something I specifically want to go to a certain family member. He said, “Write it down!” After reading this post, I just did it. 🙂

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