Seattle and Olympic National Park

I have been in a slump for awhile and have gotten behind posting our pictures.  I’m still in the slump and don’t know when I will get out.  I’m working on it.

Riding the ferry back from Olympic Peninsula you will get a great view of the city.

You can’t go to Seattle and not go to Pike’s Market.  It’s against the law…not really.  I love it there.

Seattle is one of my favorite cities but it has developed a nasty habit.   Yes that’s what you think it is.  I’d hate to be the city worker that will have to clean that up one day.

20150827_131859 20150827_131805


We spent one night in the park.  There are no hookups.   I wanted to see if I could “rough it” so we took the air mattress, cooler, chairs and other stuff I thought I could not live without.   I made it all night but it was so quiet and I didn’t have the sound machine to make the white noise I’m so used to.

20150826_194031 20150826_185138

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  1. You certainly take beautiful and interesting pictures, and it’s a great way for me to see our great country (quoting Donald Trump).

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