Bigfoot, Big Parks, Big Houses and Beaches

These are some pictures we took while riding down the California coast.

Ralph looked everywhere but could never find Bigfoot.  I didn’t have the heart to say he is right behind you.



Disguised to protect the coast.  After the bombing of Pearl Harbor, the government built the farm buildings you see below.   The cinderblock structures with shingle roofs and dormers, housed an early warning detection system.   They also housed diesel generator electronic equipment and 2 50-caliper anti aircraft machine guns.   The soldiers or civilians stationed here would report any suspicious behavior.

Could you live in a log?

The Carson Mansion in Eureka, California is considered on of the highest executions of American Queen Anne Style.

What an amazing place to stay.  Right on the beach.  I didn’t get the name of it but I will google earth it when I’m going back that way.

One thought on “Bigfoot, Big Parks, Big Houses and Beaches

  1. Think “Big Foot was too SMALL for Ralph to notice him right behind him. Love the “log” house, and what I wouldn’t I give to have a house directly on the beach!

    As usual, great photographs!!

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