A brand new adventure for us!

Ralph and I are still in California but will be leaving Thursday for Arizona to try something new for the first time.  We have talked about boondocking for a long time.  He likes his campground with full hookups and poker night with the buds.  We have decided he is the social butterfly and I am the introvert.  I have always wanted to boondock and finally we came to an agreement.  We are going to Quartzsite, AZ and boondock but at first we will not be alone.  There is a group we are going to hang with that was organized by a blogger I follow.  Outside Our Bubble has planned a get together on BLM land.   BLM land has no hookups and other than staying in a Walmart parking lot overnight, this will be a first for us.   This way we will have people around which will make Ralph happy and I will learn a lot about boondocking which will make me happy.   I think this is a very good way to ease ourselves into boondocking by ourselves,  which will happen Monday as we head to Yuma.

There will be another first for us as we will head across the border into Mexico.   Lots of excitement and anxiety for the next couple weeks.

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