A stop in Tucson, Arizona

We have had a mystery leak in the RV for a while now.  It doesn’t leak all the time but when you least expect it….there it is.  Just a little water in between the sink and shower.  We took everything apart, ran water, flushed toilets….nothing and then…. it reappears.  We had narrowed it down to the hot or cold line going to the faucet in the sink, but we decided to take it to Lazydays /KOA in Tucson and let them search for it.  They wiggled a fitting just like we did but it leaked on them.  Thank goodness it’s fixed now.  We boondocked outside of Tucson at Snyder Hill before and after our appointment at Lazydays.  It’s a nice small boondocking area and there were plenty of us there but still better than an RV park.

Our boondocking spot at Snyder Hill.
Geocaching at Snyder Hill.
Lazydays/KOA Campground had lemon trees so I made a lot of tea.

There was an airshow the weekend we were there.  We got a close up view since we were staying at Lazydays.  It is amazing to watch.

Seen this on our way to Tucson. Love a truck driver with a sense of humor.


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