Roosevelt Dam

Ralph and I drove some of the Apache Trail.  It was mostly a dirt road with steep grades and cliffs.  It was quite harrowing to me and we stopped at Roosevelt Dam.  Roosevelt Dam is wedged between the walls of a box canyon near the confluence of the Salt River and Tonto Creek.  The dam gave early pioneers water and electricity and tamed the volatile floods that had made the river a great asset and a source of fear.

The Roosevelt Lake Bridge was completed in 1990.  The bridge itself earned rare distinction when the bridge was named on of the top 12 bridges in the nation in 1995.  The bridge spans 1,080 feet across Roosevelt Lake providing two way traffic.  The original dam-top roadway was designed to allow two Model-T Fords to pass, but today’s full-size automobiles are too wide to permit two-way traffic.

An abandoned rock shack on the side of the mountain.





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