Las Vegas, Nevada

Ralph and I decided to stop in Las Vegas for our Anniversary.  We thought we’d go back to some of the same places and see if things have changed.  They haven’t.  The Little White Wedding Chapel is still having weddings.   Treasure Island Hotel and Casino had changed owners and it was disappointing.  We still enjoyed walking around and looking at the lights.  The RV Resort gave us a list of all the free shows and so we made the rounds and enjoyed seeing things we don’t see everyday.

This next picture is when we were married on March 22, 2008 and then the following picture is March 22, 2016.

After 8 years. We are hanging in there. Is there some kind of award?

Anything wrong with this picture??
We met Dale & Debbie in New Hampshire and became friends. They are full time and here we are in Vegas and run into them. In honor of Debbie we went to eat some Maryland crab cakes.








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