Red Canyon and Boondocking in Utah

Red Canyon is located in the heart of the Dixie National Forest off of Highway 12 near Panguitch, Utah.  This little gem is usually passed over for the big parks that surround it but it’s worth a stop.    There are plenty of hiking opportunities and  boondocking only a few miles away.   We rode by the visitors center every day and it was always closed.  Finally on a Friday it was open and we stopped.  I will say the people working there were the rudest workers I have ever heard.  They were talking about people and how they parked, how they took pictures, how they looked and using foul language.  Maybe all four of them were having a bad day having to come back to work.  Who knows…  I never got in touch with anyone to comment about it.  Always a recording.   It did not ruin our fun though.  It was a beautiful day!

You drive through two of these on your way to Bryce Canyon. Yes an RV can pass through without a problem.

A natural window. The rocks were bright under the blue sky.
Do you see the geocacher?
Totem poles, Hoodoos, spires or rocks?
Our boondocking site was outside Panguitch, taking 89 South, turning left on UT-12 East. You travel 2 miles and take a left toward Losee Trailhead and Casto Canyon Trail. Our boondocking site was two miles down that dirt road and there are plenty of sites to choose from. We were by ourselves and rarely ever heard a car, nice and quiet.
I felt so peaceful out there that when we got ready to leave, I wrote on a log that was there. About a month later another full timer was out there and sent me a picture of it. How about that? It’s a small world in this great big world!


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