Bryce Canyon, Utah

Ralph and I spent a day in Bryce Canyon.  We couldn’t understand why we were both huffing and puffing while we were here until we read the elevation signs.  No wonder we were out of breath all the time.  I have put the elevation on some of the pictures so you can see how high we were.

I always pack a lunch to take with us.  It was so nice to sit and enjoy the awe inspiring beauty of this area.

Sunrise Point at 8015 feet.
Sunrise Point
Sunrise Point
Sunrise Point
Sunrise Point
Inspiration Point at 8100 feet. It was inspiring!
These 3 pictures are of Bryce Point at 8500 feet.

The next 5 pictures are of Paria View at 8175 feet.

Looks like a fairyland castle.


I’ll get out of the road when I’m good and ready.
Farview Point at 8819 feet
Natural Bridge at 8627 feet.

Rainbow Point at 9115 feet
Black Birch Canyon at 8750 feet
Agua Canyon at 8800 feet.

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2 thoughts on “Bryce Canyon, Utah

  1. Beautiful; however, a little too scary for me! I not only would be out of breath at 8,000 feet, but would probably have a heart attack!

    1. We were wondering what was happening with us. We were panting, huffing and thinking we were both having heart problems at the same time. Lol

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