Zion National Park, Utah Part 1

I just had too many nice pictures not to show you so I had to divide this post into 2 posts.  Kolob Canyons is a part of Zion National Park so I included some pictures from there also.  You can drive through Kolob Canyons and some of Zion but for most of Zion you have to ride the shuttle.  It wasn’t  bad at all and seemed to be a little more relaxing.  It was not crowded when we were there in mid April and was able to get on and off the shuttle at will.

You can catch the shuttle bus at the Visitors Center.
I live here, you don’t so I will take my time…..
There is a trail that goes through the narrows but the sign was out for flash floods. You could only go so far and had to turn around because of the water.
We could only walk so far before we had to turn around.
The Virgin River runs through Zion.

This is shown in the picture below

Towers of the Virgin and The West Temple

The water falls whatever way the wind blows. As Ralph is walking under the wind shifts and soaks him. Karma? I’d say yes. lol
Someone was standing on that ledge at the top earlier.
Do you see the little waterfall?

This was called Emerald Pools.  Umm…ok.

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