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Leaving Utah and heading back to Vegas

While in the Salt Lake City area, I was introduced to some new things that I won’t soon forget.  They were called Café Rio, Noodles, Kneaders and Zupas.  I had been on a diet but that diet flew right out the window.  I had lost 30 pounds but gained 10 of it back and it was worth it.  Thanks Debbie!

Ralph and I call around until we find someone that says they can fix the crapper but they are back in Las Vegas where we had already been but now we have to backtrack.  The bright spot is that we can stop over in St. George and see our dear friends, Walter and Cathy again, plus their neighbors Jan and Kerry.  We parked in their cul-de-sac but decided not to leave until the next morning.  It was a great visit and off we go the next morning.   We get a couple miles down the road and I go to get ice out of the refrigerator and the ice has melted.  We pull over and now the frig is not working.  Let’s just say by the time we realize it’s not working, it’s too late to save anything.  Our appointment is for the next morning at Findlay’s RV which is convenient since we are staying at the Thousand Trails right up the street.  We pull in and set up next to the bath house…because… we don’t have a crapper.

The next day we drop off the rv and we ride to the Old Las Vegas and just spend the day people watching.  By the end of the day they will have to order refrigerator parts and will have to order gaskets for the vacuum pump.

Ralph and I go back to the rv park and set up and notice that across and down two spaces are a couple of Thousand Trail workers.  They tell us the gentleman staying in that class c passed away up to one week ago and they just found him.  They were waiting on the coroner to get there and take him away.  The coroner came and took him but the class c was still there and they had notified the family that they would need to pick it up.  I’m not usually a scaredy cat but something about going to the bath house in the middle of the night bothered me.  Every time I would come out of the  bath house I would be facing his motor home.

After another couple weeks we finally got the call that our parts are in and to bring the motor home into the service area tomorrow.  By this time I did not have a lot of confidence that anything would get fixed.  (I was beginning to not give a crap)

This problem started on May 5th and was fixed on June 23rd.  Almost two months…can you imagine what that was like?  Plus, when we left on June 25th, the class c motor home was still sitting at the rv park.