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Arches National Park, Utah

No words needed here.  Enjoy!

The famous arch. All that walking when I could just have looked at the Utah license plates.
So many things to see, so little time.
You had to walk through a wall of rock to get to another arch.


This rock formation is called 3 Gossips.
This rock formation is called Sheep Rock.

In the late 1800’s John Wesley Wolfe bought a tract of land with a little over 100 acres moved here with his eldest son Fred. In 1906, John’s daughter Flora, her husband and children moved to the ranch. Shocked at the primitive conditions, Flora convinced her father to build a new cabin with wooden floors which is the cabin in the picture. In 1910, the family moved to Ohio. John Wolfe died in 1913 at the age of 84.


I hope that rock doesn’t fall as we drive past it.