Scenes from Salt Lake City and the start of a BIG PROBLEM

Ralph and I were heading to Salt Lake area to visit Ralph’s cousins.  We pull into Cabela’s to dry camp and notice that our vacuum pump attached to the toilet is cutting on and off.  Ralph gets out of the rv and checks the pump and says it’s broken, we can’t use the toilets until we get it fixed.  This should not be a problem as we can just run it up to Camping World and they can just order the part and put it right in.  Right?  Wrong!  First of all they can’t see us for any reason for 1 week.  So Ralph’s cousin, being the gracious cousin that she is let us pull the rv next to her house.  In all honestly, it was the perfect spot.  We were able to plug in to keep the frig going and the batteries charged.  At our appointment it was agreed that it was the pump, they would order it and let us know when it came in.  We had called the distribution center to make sure they had one in stock so it could be sent right out.

Two weeks later the call comes that the part is in and we can bring it up and leave it.  The next day they call that it’s in and ready.  We go to the rv just to check the pump and notice the power switch is not on.  We turn it on and it runs….and runs…doesn’t cut off.  Ralph goes and gets the worker and he come out to see and says it’s a macerator pump not a vacuum pump.  You turn the switch on when you use it and off afterwards.  Now we realize we have a big problem.  We say no it’s is a vacuum pump and the switch stays on.   After scratching his head he says he will go tell his boss.  They return to say to leave it and they will look into it.

You see where this is going, right?  Straight to the crapper.

The next day we go up to Camping World and they say we can’t fix it.  There is a special tool,  we don’t have one and we are not going to get one.  (We find out later that there is no special tool)  You will have to go to Boise, Idaho or Las Vegas to get it fixed.  Oh and by the way….you can pay the bill on the way out.  Now we have been here three weeks and it’s now going to be even longer to have a toilet.

There is more to the story but I’m running out of room.  I’ll save the rest of the story for later.

Flowers everywhere

Some water features in City Creek.